Evening Group

The group can either complement the experience from 1:1 sessions, or it can be a stand-alone process that brings about deep changes.

It is a precious opportunity to benefit from the presence of others. It is one thing to breathe and move yourself back into your own body, but it is quite another to allow yourself to be seen while doing this, and to allow what you are feeling to resonate with others.

Often, the experiences in a 1:1 session can be difficult to put into words, and that makes it difficult to remember afterwards the reality of what happened (and how to get there again!). Within a group, you can validate what happened.

Also, it is of course in our nature that human beings respond to¬†each others’ feelings and if we allow that resonance to happen without our usual reluctance, we can reach a highly energised and “connected” state with ease.

Inner Space ( Innerspacenorwich.co.uk ) is in Maude Grey Court, off St Benedict’s (opposite Cookes Musical Instruments), Norwich NR2 4PA

Newcomers always welcome, please get in touch and book a place